Badgerland Birding started as a Youtube show focusing on a group of birders as they travel the state searching for different species. The series has since expanded beyond just videos and now also focuses on educating through writing and collaboration with other groups such as Ohio’s Rogue Birders.

Badgerland Birding was initially conceptualized by brothers Derek and Ryan Sallmann and also includes talented birders Bill Grossmeyer and Rob Pendergast. Episodes of the series may include any combination of the four core birders.

Badgerland Birding expanded beyond Wisconsin in March of 2017 when Ryan and Derek Sallmann ventured to Hilton Head South Carolina and created episodes based on their experiences there.

Badgerland Birding is always looking for more groups to collaborate with and even bring on the show. If you are interested in collaborating or have a general question or comment, please fill out the form on contact page.


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