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Birding by State

Each state in the U.S. has its own unique set of habitats and species that live within their borders. The Birding by State section is dedicated birding in each state (and some regions) in the United States of America. Click on a state on the list below to find out more about the species that live there as well as places to visit in the state and the top birds to find. This section will be updated as content becomes available.

List of States with Content


Top 5 Places to Go Birding

Learn about the five best places ro go birding in the state you are looking at. These spots are chosen based on amount of species found, possible rarities found, and the general visiting experience at the location.

Top 5 Birds to Find

Each state has bird species that are species for the region. We created lists of the top 5 bird species to find in each state. These lists are subjective but are based on general rarity in the country compared to the state. See if you agree and see how many of them you have found.

Hotspot Reviews

This section consists of in-depth reviews of popular birding places that we have visited. These reviews include what the terrain was like, what species were there, and any other useful information. Do you have a hotspot you want us to review? Let us know!

Species in the State

Review the different species that are both expected and rare in each state. Search them based on type of bird (geese, ducks, grouse, etc).

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