Oberwerk 8×42 Sport ED Binocular Review

Earlier this year, Oberwerk sent us a pair of their 8×42 ED Sport Binoculars (currently about $350), which I used for birding. I started by unboxing them, and was immediately pleased by the look, with the striking red metal focus wheel and diopter. They came with an inspection slip (signed by a real person) that also indicated they have a two year warranty.

The inspection slip

They felt good in the hand and I started by looking at some birds at my local marsh. In general, I normally use a superzoom camera for birding, so anything short of that zoom makes objects feel far away than I’m used to. This was the case with these binoculars, however they are the standard 8×42 magnification generally used for birding, so this was more of a personal adjustment, than anything with the gear. The view through the binoculars was exceptionally clear and colors really popped, specifically the bright green on the head of an American Wigeon I was observing.

The ED glass, multi-coated optics, and roof prism all along for maximum clarity and letting in the most amount of light. I found these binoculars easy to wield in the hand, and the focus wheel was easy to move back and forth (which is a pet peeve of mine when it’s too tight). I successfully scanned flocks of birds in order to pick out some more unique species such as Northern Pintails and an American Black Duck. At very far distances I did feel like there was a slight amount of chromatic aberration, but it’s almost impossible to illuminate completely with any optics. In order to get some closer looks I also tested the binoculars out in my backyard, and they performed very well. I also appreciated the eye relief.

A digiscoped view through the binoculars

Overall, I found the binoculars to be extremely clear, aesthetically pleasing, and fun to use. I would recommend these to someone interested in a fairly reasonably priced pair of binoculars for birding. You can also check out my full video review below.

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