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Chickadees of Louisiana (1 Species to Know)

Chickadees are small, likable birds known for their friendliness and curiousness. In Louisiana, there is one species that can be found in the state on an annual basis. Here is everything you need to know about that species.

Carolina Chickadee

Carolina Chickadee – Photo by Shenandoah National Park

Carolina Chickadees have a gray back and wings, buffy sides, and a light colored underside. They have a black cap, black chin, and white cheeks. They look incredibly identical to Black-capped Chickadees and in places where their ranges overlap are best identified by song.


Carolina Chickadees are year-round residents of the southeastern United States. Their range also extends into some of the northeastern and midwestern states as far up as Ohio and Delaware.

Diet and Foraging Habits

Carolina Chickadees inhabit a wide variety of different places including edge habitat, parks, backyards, and deciduous forests. They can often be heard before they are seen, making a cheerful chickadee call (which is more rapid than the Black-capped Chickadee) along with other sounds.

Where to Find this Bird

True to their name, Boreal Chickadees can be found in Boreal forests, typically consisting of mostly coniferous trees. Often times, the best way to find them is to listen for their calls and try to triangulate their position from there.


Chickadees are always fun birds to see due to their cuteness and big personalities. We hope that this post has helped answer some questions about the chickadees of Louisiana.

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