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Quail of Virginia (1 Species to Know)

Quail are small game birds that usually prefer to move along the ground as opposed to flying. They are plump in appearance and always a treat to see while birding due to their somewhat secretive lifestyle. In Virginia, there is one species that can be found in the state. Here is everything you need to know about this species.

Northern Bobwhite

Northern Bobwhite – Photo by Bill Grossmeyer

Northern Bobwhites range in color from sandy brown to chestnut. They have light and dark colored scaling on their underside and white on their face and chin. This white color is outlined by black or dark brown.


Northern Bobwhites are year-round residents of most states in the southeastern U.S. as well as Cuba and parts of Mexico. This species can be found in parts of the western and northern United States as well but in many of these places they are escapees or even released for hunting purposes.

Diet and Foraging Habits

Most of the Bobwhites diet consists of seeds and other plant matter. They also eat insects, especially in the summer and when raising chicks.

Where to Find This Bird

Northern Bobwhites live in open areas, usually with tall grasses. They are also fond of agricultural fields and forests that aren’t too dense. Often times, they are more easy to hear than they are to see as they make a distinctive “bobwhite” call.


Quail are interesting birds that can be difficult to spot in wild. By knowing what to look and listen for, as well as what species are expected in your state, it can be easier to find these birds out in the field.

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